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What does a company strive for? For every company, whatever their niche the goal is always to be the best at what they do. The same goes for us as well. While we are a furniture company, and there can only be one possible goal, it doesn’t mean that we don’t try.

When we started out, we had big dreams – to make a lot of money, to build something good, to be the foremost brand for living room furniture. However, as time passed us by, we had to change our goals because a business cannot function without the support of its customers. More than us dictating what a home needs, it is a home that tells us what it needs.

We create our designs based on the ever changing and ever evolving landscape of the preferences of people. And while the popularity of some things wax and wane, the one thing that has remained constant has been the love for all things classical.

Our goal, from the outset, has been to create exquisite furniture. However, we soon realized that our designs needed buyers. Without people who want to buy our furniture we were like a headless chicken, wandering but with no idea where we were going. So, we regrouped and took into consideration what people were buying, and our new and improved line of furniture hit the market. Since then, there has been no looking back.

Once people began appreciating our work and what we were creating, it became easier for us to continue. With time, our goal has changed from furniture centric to people centric. We want to be the best-known furniture brand in the country. At this point in time, we are achieving this goal by sticking to our original vision – that is creating some of the best furniture around that people will also love.


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