The Most Luxurious Brands In The Market


The world of furniture is dominated by brand names and each one spells something different to their loyal customers. Most luxury brands are classified by how unique they are and how much their design aesthetic resonates with people who want to spend that kind of money. The luxury lifestyle costs money, and if you can afford it, then you can honestly get the best that money can buy and surround yourself with beautiful things.

Luxury brands are classified primarily on the basis of the value of the goods that they sell, however, they are also known for their design, the trends they set, as well as the colors they use. Let’s look at some of the most expensive luxury furniture brands.

French Heritage – A chair from French Heritage will cost you at least $4000 and this brand does not cater to those people who don’t have the cash to spare. These pieces give you a unique look and feel, and not only that, they have something for just about every kind of decor. An old company, French Heritage, lends itself to an almost artisanal method of creation.

Christopher Guy – Also known as the international design guy for luxury, this is a furniture brand that is a must have in your home. Having been in business since 1999, the entire MO of this brand is quite current and modern. The beginnings of his brand were in decorative mirrors and since then they have evolved from mirrors to just about every single kind of furniture there is and they are excelling at it.

Henkel Harris – Listed as some of America’s finest furniture, Henkel Harris is a post World War II success story. The founders were Mary and Caroll Henkel and they began the business by setting up a small design plant with the assistance of their friend John Harris. The USP of the company is their firm resolve in creating only masterpiece furniture. Not only that, Henkel Harris uses only the finest material for their products which is why they are on his list. Extendable Dining Tables | Large Dining Tables | Danetti UK

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Fendi Casa – if you’re one for couture, then you have definitely run into the name Fendi. The design house known for their clothing has ventured into the home segment with a collection of furniture which is created with its finger on the contemporary pulse. Their furniture takes inspiration from the rest of the world but carries with it a rooted aesthetic.


5. Kartell – Even though their name sounds similar to not so legitimate businesses, Kartell is in a league of its own. This is an experimental and fun brand. A combination of creativity, fun, and glamor, Kartell has a unique look and feel to it. They have been around since 1949 and use some of the best materials to make their furniture.


6. Boca Do Lobo – we are now entering the high-end names on our list. Boca Do Lobo is the home to some of the most talented designers who make some of the most classy pieces of furniture today. Each of their pieces is a limited edition release which means that it is next to impossible to buy the same kind of piece any other time of the year. Boca Do Lobo makes furniture for all rooms of the home and are worth the money that you shell out.


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Poliform – moving from the past to the present or even the future can be a huge ask for those purists who believe in the classics. Poliform is the perfect furniture house to help you transition from a Renaissance style to something a little more 21st century. Despite their firm belief in modernity, poliform makes some of the most classical pieces, but with a modern edge.

Edra – another name for trendy and contemporary, Edra is the furniture design house to keep an eye out for. While their styles are quite universal and classical, the materials they use and the designs they create are entirely contemporary.

Founded in 1987, Edra is best known for exemplifying the luxury vibe. Restoration Hardware – Young, fashion forward, and popular, this brand of furniture is catering to your FOMO craving and so much more. Comfortable, and beautiful, the pieces made by restoration hardware combine form and function so effortlessly.

10. Henredon – 65 years old, Henredon is as much a heritage brand as they are a luxury brand. Timeless design and bespoke pieces make this one of the most sought after furniture brands the world over. When it comes to buying something from Henredon, it’s time to remove any and all limitations from your budgets.

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